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Registered Charity No. 279046

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Our developing mission

We are a local Christian charity working since 1978 with groups from near and far. Our main base is the house itself in Georgeham, where groups of all shapes and sizes come for a residential holiday. They may be school groups or youth groups, younger children or older teenagers, church groups or groups with no Christian link at all.

We provide a comfortable place to stay, with dormitory style accommodation for the young people and smaller rooms for their staff. Accommodation can be catered or self catered and includes meeting rooms of various sizes for groups to use.

The activities we provide are both fun and safe. We take them out on the water surfing, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, water ski-ing, coasteering or just paddling in rock pools. We take them up and down cliffs (often attached to ropes), through muddy puddles on bikes or off, and send them up crate towers.

This has formed the basis of our work for many years, and many young people have become Christians or have grown closer to God as a result.


How can you help?

First and foremost this is Christian mission, which only happens because of prayer. We produce a prayer letter three times a year to help people in their prayer. If you would like to support us in this way please fill in the enquiry form and state Newsletter in the text field. Please note although we are happy to post our news email prayer letters are an easier and cheaper way for us to keep in touch.

Secondly, we want local people to be aware of what we do. We work with a lot of local schools but yet find that many of the churches have not heard of us. Spread the word to churches, youth groups and schools that you may have contact with.

Thirdly, for those that feel able, financial support. The accommodation that we provide is affordable because of people who give to support the Centre. Some groups from disadvantaged areas receive extra support to enable their visit. The support that we give is coming under increasing pressure during the recession as youth groups cancel weekend visits or bring fewer people. However we recently discerned a need to build more long-term relationships with local young people, and invested in staff and time to develop this Christian work. ‘The Point’ now happens each Sunday evening led by our staff and assisted by local volunteers. This group has been growing in numbers, and has much potential to encourage young people in their walk with God.

We are a Christian Charitable Trust, independent of any other charities or forms of funding.

Please Email us with any questions you may have about our work or how you can help